Boat House, Screen Porch Design Your Own Boat House or Sun Shelter Screen Porch Sitting Room

Types of Structures
garden Shed Garden Sheds
Sun Shelter Sun Shelters
Screen Porch Screen Houses
Pool Cabana Pool Cabanas
Guest Room Guest Houses
Boat House Boat Houses
Play House Play Houses
tea House Tea Houses
Sitting Room Garden Rooms
carriage House Carriage Houses

pool cabana, screen porch, guest room


Boat House

Used primarily for the storage of boats, and boating equipment, boat houses typically have easy access to the water. Often constructed on a dock, some boat houses contain exercise rooms, locker rooms, kitchens, and living quarters. Boat houses are appropriate for sailing teams, crew teams, and fishermen.

A custom boat house can be a dream come true with the assistance of Perfect Places. Many home owners with property on the water think about one of these beautiful and graceful structures. Starting with a boat house plan that meets your expectations, and encompassing a boat house design that blends in the surrounding land, Perfect Places can bring your dream to reality.